Thomas Murray spoke to HSBC's head of product solutions - regulatory change, Paul Ellis, about how the bank managed the implementation of UCITS V and the similarities with getting over the line with AIFMD, how this directive has impacted custody arrangements and what the future holds for the UCITS brand.

Choosing how to connect to T2S was a straightforward decision for HSBC. The fact that the bank has otherwise left its existing arrangements untouched for the time being reflects the nature of a project that is at its beginning rather than its end.

Delays to the much-awaited Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect scheme should not alarm asset managers and investors hoping to transact in mainland Chinese A-shares amid concerns the adjournment is attributable to regulators and market participants struggling to overcome operational hurdles.

Blackrock confirms it is still expecting to make money from securities lending despite ESMA demands for all revenues ot be returned to clients

The foreign exchange market is commonly described as the most liquid financial market in the world. Indeed, it is often portrayed as the closest approximation in real market conditions to perfect competition, in which the barriers to entry are negligible, the products being exchanged are indistinguishable, and no one provider is large enough to set the price.