July 2015

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Thomas Murray IDS is pleased to send you its July newsletter with links to the top stories that we have reported on as part of our on-going surveillance of issues of relevance to asset owners, fund managers, and their key service providers. We endeavour to make these stories succinct, relevant and informative for our readership and would welcome any comments or suggestions to help us improve content and format. This month we have included a short survey about the newsletter, which we hope you will be able to complete.

How to Relight the Fire in your Service Level Agreement

Is there a case for relighting the purpose of your existing dormant Service Level Agreement (SLA)? A detailed SLA that has been agreed by both parties can serve as a document with a wide range of uses for institutional investors, asset managers and even the service provider. Brian Ward, director at Thomas Murray IDS, explains how clients of service providers can relight an SLA.

Should Large Clients of Custodians Seek Extra Protection?

Anyone buying a European mutual fund now receives enhanced protection from custodial risks. Do institutional investors need to ask for equal treatment?

Restoring Trust in Foreign Exchange

The global foreign exchange (FX) market is a paradox. With daily trading volume of around US$5 trillion, it’s the world’s deepest and most liquid financial market. And yet recent FX trading scandals have thrown light on the inherent difficulties of ensuring fairness in a market with no central trading venue, no standardised data, little transparency and no code of conduct.

Thomas Murray Advisory Services announces appointment of former BNYM CSD Team

LONDON - TM Advisory Services announces the appointment of Chris Prior-Willeard and his team from Bank of New York Mellon (BNYM). Chris was previously the CEO of the CSD set up by BNYM. As BNYM has placed that operation on hold, TM Advisory Services is delighted to offer Chris and his team the opportunity to continue to explore further the opportunities in the post-trade landscape on which TM Advisory Services particularly focuses.

Are we ready for T2S?

Dominic Hobson sat down with Alan Cameron of BNP Paribas Securities Services, Richard Scavetta of Citi, and Graham Ray of Deutsche Bank at NeMa 2015 in Athens to discuss the imminent arrival of T2S, and how well the industry is prepared for the change.


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