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FCA Sets Down Custody Marker

FCA Sets Down Custody Marker

Thomas Murray IDS discusses the impact of the Bank of New York Mellon fine...

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Thomas Murray IDS is pleased to send you our May newsletter with links to the top stories we reported on as part of our on-going surveillance of issues of relevance to asset owners, asset managers, and their key service providers.

Local Government Pension Scheme makes six figure saving after using Thomas Murray IDS’s fee benchmarking service

A UK local government scheme recently hired Thomas Murray IDS to benchmark the fees it pays to its global custodian bank...

Asset safety - segregated mandates versus collective investment schemes

The rules around asset safekeeping are something that pension funds and other asset owners should make themselves fully aware of...

Regulators take growing interest in costs

Transparency is increasingly at the heart of regulation , and the "Regulatory Guidance for Defined Contribution Schemes" issued by the UK Pensions Regulator in April 2015 is no exception...

What European Long Term Investment Funds (ELTIFS) mean for the real estate industry

TMIDS spoke to Keith Burman, a Partner at Management Plus during the ALFI London Conference in April 2015 about European Long Term Investment Funds (ELTIFS), what they mean for the real estate industry, their drawbacks, and the compliance obligations surrounding ELTIFS...

New contenders to prime brokerage

Organisations such as BlackRock are well-placed to provide prime brokerage to hedge fund managers that are being exited by bulge bracket banks...

What investors want to see

The increased disclosure by managers to regulators has prompted some allocators to ask if they can see the submissions. Managers worry about the consequences for their relationships with investors, and the associated legal and regulatory risks, but there is an obvious solution...

Webinar: Are you paying too much for FX?

Banks active in the foreign exchange (FX) markets have not only come under intense regulatory scrutiny in the years since the financial crisis, but faced litigation as well. Many clients have negotiated better terms, and a number of banks that execute foreign exchange bargains have adjusted their practices to enhance transparency and deliver better value. But many fund managers continue to neglect active management of their foreign exchange costs. This webinar explores what fund managers can do to strike a better balance with their foreign exchange providers between price and service...


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