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The implications of AIFMD on asset safety

Thomas Murray IDS looks at some of the implications AIFMD will have on asset safety...

Charles Gubert

Charles Gubert

Manager - Research

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Rehypothecation – the risks towards end owners

Thomas Murray IDS looks at some of the challenges and changes affecting rehypothecation...

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Thomas Murray IDS is pleased to send you our March newsletter with links to the top stories we reported on as part of our on-going surveillance of issues of relevance to asset owners, asset managers, and their key service providers.

Thomas Murray IDS appoints Brian Keogh and Adam Zani as representatives for Thomas Murray IDS Australia & New Zealand

Thomas Murray IDS, the global asset servicing advisory, benchmarking and monitoring provider today announced the appointment of Brian Keogh and Adam Zani to represent it in Australia and New Zealand.

Why firms should monitor their FX transactions

Custodian banks provide a number of services to their pension fund and asset management clients in addition to the safekeeping of assets. One such service, which has accrued significant controversy in recent years, has been the execution of FX transactions.

Alternative investment managers raising capital in Switzerland must comply with new rules by 28 February 2015

In September 2012, Switzerland adopted a new law to regulate its prosperous but mostly unregulated financial industry. The law triggered the revision of two documents defining the distribution of...

Weavering directors have fines dismissed

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal has dismissed the $111 million fine imposed on two directors who sat on the board of the failed Weavering Capital hedge fund in a decision that is likely to tarnish Cayman’s reputation on corporate governance standards...

Uncertainty over extent to which AIFMD passport will be afforded to non-EU managers

The 2015 extension of the pan-EU passport as envisioned under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) could potentially be extended only to EU AIFMs managing non-EU funds in key cooperative jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands....

MiFID II - An update on its status and impact

MiFID II has come about because MiFID I required a review three years after implementation. A number of consultations resulted in the publication of the final text of MiFID II into the European Journal in June 2014. It consists of two parts; a directive, which leaves room for national level interpretation and a regulation, which does not.


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