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Nick Bradley


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Is your custodian bank too big to fail?

Thomas Murray IDS looks into whether custodian banks are too big to fail...

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Thomas Murray IDS is pleased to send you our April newsletter with links to the top stories we reported on as part of our on-going surveillance of issues of relevance to asset owners, asset managers, and their key service providers.

Summary of the Association of Luxembourg Funds (ALFI) Conference, Luxembourg

Thomas Murray IDS editor, Charles Gubert, attended ALFI's Spring 2015 Conference earlier this week. Here are some of the key findings from the conference...

Strong EU leadership required to manage uncertain times ahead

It has been suggested that a difficult period for the UK, and for the rest of Europe, could be set to follow the elections that will be take place over the coming months...

Asset manager interest in Stock Connect to increase

The Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect initiative enabling international investors to trade in onshore Chinese equities is likely to see a surge in fund manager interest once regulators fix some of the issues surrounding securities ownership and trade settlements, according to HSBC Securities Services...

Equivalence in European and US clearing rules

The European regulator, ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority), has so far deemed the rules and their regulatory outcome around central clearing to be equivalent to its own standards in Japan, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong, with the frameworks in Canada, Mexico and India expected to follow shortly. The big name missing from this list is the US...

MiFID II legislation providing challenges in the fund distribution landscape

Denise Jud, Executive Director, Head Legal Distribution at Swiss & Global Asset Management, spoke during the ITAS conference in February 2015 on whether UCITS & AIFMD passporting rules provide a sufficient framework to advance cross-jurisdiction selling, the main regulatory drivers in cross-border fund distribution outside Europe and what the challenges and opportunities for the fund distribution landscape with the upcoming MiFID II legislation are...


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