RFx Hub

RFx Hub is a web-based application for managing RFIs and RFPs. The procurement of complex services demands rigorous RFP processes. We have the tools to empower you to avoid struggling with hard-to-compare spreadsheets and documents while preserving confidentiality, transparency and the balancing of multiple priorities. RFx Hub combines technical and sourcing expertise to automate and control the RFP process. It is delivered through an intuitive web site, and features flexible questionnaires, automatic scoring, full audit trails, comparative reporting, and Word and Excel integration for the easy import and export of information.

Key Benefits

RFx Hub provides:

  • Security/Confidentiality - SSL encryption and fine-grained permissions protect your data.
  • Transparency - all tender management guidelines required by regulated markets and the public sector are supported so that contract award decisions demonstrate impartiality, transparency and a complete audit trail.
  • Process Efficiency - all interaction is via a single user-friendly website, eliminating time wasted with emails, Word documents, re-keying, spreadsheets, and complex scoring calculations. For repeated procurement, answers and scores can be re-imported from past projects to save time. Responses can be selectively compared side by side.
  • Team Work - geographically dispersed teams can collaborate effectively, working on the same information and seeing changes in real time. Fine-grained permissions and comprehensive auditing enable the involvement of more people in the process without sacrificing control.
  • Decision Quality - scoring, weighting, and analysis of responses via charts with drill down capability enable bidders to be compared instantly across all selection criteria.
  • Ease of Use - the intuitive user interface is complemented by user guides, a database of Frequently Asked Questions, and technical support from Thomas Murray IDS.

RFx Hub and the RFP Process

RFP Process

Procurement Project Options

Go it alone: run sourcing projects easily and efficiently using your own in-house expertise and resources, with modular support from Thomas Murray IDS as required in areas like:

  • Designing deep RFP questionnaires
  • Customising template questionnaires to meet your organisation’s unique requirements
  • Incisive analysis and scoring of responses
  • Supplier due diligence and contract negotiation
  • End-to-end management of sourcing projects

Or alternatively: appointing Thomas Murray IDS to run the process minimises the commitment of internal time and resources, reduces the risk of making an expensive mistake, and allows the process to be customised to your particular needs. Whichever path you choose, Thomas Murray IDS is willing to be involved to the extent you want. Design your own questionnaire to issue to any type of service provider you wish, or license Thomas Murray IDS's proven questionnaires to launch questionnaires instantly to select or perform due diligence on:

  • Global Custodians
  • Asset Managers
  • Securities Lending specialists
  • Transfer Agents
  • Fund Administrators
  • Prime Brokers

Click here to go to the RFx Hub site.

If you would like to subscribe RFx Hub, or find out more about it, please contact: Andrew Wright at awright@ids.thomasmurray.com or telephone him on +44 (0) 20 8600 2300.