Operational Performance (KPIs)

This service is a client-specific assessment of the services offered by the service provider. Each service provider provides Thomas Murray IDS with data for each of their mutual clients. This data enables us to benchmark a client’s service provider's operational performance against Thomas Murray IDS's peer group database. 

The Quarterly Operational Benchmarking reports measure a number of key performance indicators (“KPIs”) that determine whether the service provider is operating effectively on behalf of its client. The KPIs focus on those operational capabilities that are “benchmarkable” and where any deterioration may be an early warning signal of operational failure and increased operational risk.

The KPIs that Thomas Murray IDS typically reports on are:

  • Number and timeliness of trade instructions
  • Age profile of trade instructions
  • Straight-through-processing rates
  • Number of failed trades
  • Failed trades as a percentage of total trades
  • Ageing of failed trades
  • Number of income amendments
  • Number of income amendments as a percentage of total income payments
  • Breakdown of timeliness of corporate action instructions
  • Volume and value of tax reclaims
  • Value of tax reclaims as a percentage of portfolio value
  • Client service metrics

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