Henry Wilkes discusses the importance of agreeing a single code of conduct globally, time stamps and what transparency means in the context of foreign exchange

In the world of capital markets, the public spotlight has predominantly fallen on pre-trade and trade analysis. The media focusses its attention on the price of shares, the movement of currencies, the possibility of changes to interest rates and the fundamentals of markets, as well as corporate news.

In a little noticed regulatory intervention, two commissioners at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States last month overruled a staff plan to issue a concept paper on a revision of the rules governing transfer agents – in favour of acting more promptly.

We spoke to Rania Azmi at GAIM Monaco in June 2015, about how investors are changing their asset allocation, the best opportunity in the next 12 months, and the challenges that need to be on an investor's radar.

Never was it more important for small, medium-sized and emerging fund managers to take technology seriously. With management fees under downward pressure, and both regulators and investors squeezing what can be charged to the fund, running every aspect of a small business efficiently can make the difference between success and failure.