The Pension Gap

The Financial Times article “The Pension Gap” written by John Authers, highlights how UK local authority pension plans pay vastly different fees to investment managers for similar rates of return.

Thomas Murray IDS provided the Financial Times with its groundbreaking multi-year study based on the annual reports of 100 local authority pension plans in the UK which was used as the basis for the article. Our research highlighted that pension funds should offer far greater transparency about the fees they pay to investment managers and other service providers if they are to bring costs down, and fund managers should expect tougher negotiations and to prove their cost effectiveness in the future.

The full article can be viewed on the Financial Times website here. If you would like a hard copy to be sent to you please email your postal address to


Other related articles about the findings, such as  “Gulf in fees paid by council pensions” the front page story of the Financial Times and “Mind the Fund” can also be viewed online. 

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