The impact of recent regulations on the post-trade landscape

On Tuesday 01 March, Thomas Murray hosted a half day event in London entitled Post-Trade Risk Roundtable. The event sought to explore the regulatory hurdles being faced by those involved with the funds industry, and how firms can prepare to clear these challenges in their post-trade networks.

Topics discussed on the day included: 

  • Why cash and securities are treated differently
  • How account structures impact the safety of assets
  • Segregation of assets at the level of the sub-custodian and the central securities depositary
  • What AIF and UCITS depositaries are actually liable for
  • Different jurisdictions present different risks
  • The difference between market practice and what the law says
  • The CASS rules on custody of client assets
  • The IOSCO principles on asset safety for fund managers

For an overview of the event from Janet Wynn, COO at Thomas Murray and Nick Bradley, Chief Risk Officer at Thomas Murray please see the video below:

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